Maxwell Fletcher, better known by his semi-comical nickname Captain Sardine, is a pirate and a member of the Omega Elite. He was the captain and father figure of Gribble Grabble, his ape-man first mate. He was introduced in the Season 3/4 webisode series Webisode 5 when Captain Octopus came to him requesting a ship and they were forced to flee on his galleon, the ''Phoenix'', when General Oliver Sithikus arrived. Captain Octopus explained to him the story of how him, his brother, Dark Serpent and Stormbeard were first cursed and was used mainly as a tool for the flashback scenes. He played a larger role in Season 5 when he joined Captain Octopus on a rescue mission to Gaiatos to save Dark Blood and Dark Serpent. He and the others were pitted against deadly, evolved dinosaurs in a gladiator fight and he proved very effective in combat. When the Intellectaraptor City was destroyed, he lost Gribble when bat-like creatures came from a portal and swarmed them, causing Gribble to fall down the buried Imperial Tower's elevator shaft. Sardine was inconsolable and did not trust Mulciber when he arrived. The strain of the travels and the loss of his friend eventually reached a breaking point and when they arrived at Diamond Island for the final battle he slaughtered their allies, the native tribes of the island, in a fit of madness, and attacked Dark Blood when he arrived. However, his allegiances were made clear when he sacrificed his life to save the elite from General Sithikus.

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