Dr. H

Dr. H in his regular outfit - a lab coat!

Dr. H is a character from the seas of iron made up tv show. He is a Portal Lord from the dimension Gaiatos and is known to sometimes be part of the Omega Elite and at other times one of their greatest enemies.

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Early LifeEdit

While Dr. H's birth and early life are unkonwn, it has been rumored that he may be revealed in an upcoming season as a genetic experiment by the Xenosaur and Intelectaraptor species during the blood wars. His first known appearance in the Gaiatos universe was as a 9 year old student enrolled in human schooling. He quickly surpassed the other student's in his grade, eventually moving on to doing the equivelent of 3 grades every year. Eventually, completing university at age 19, he began work in both the sciences and the government.

Aprenticeship to KahrenEdit

At the age of 19, Dr. H was criticized in the sciences for his odd and unconventional thinking, and as well he was not taken seriously because of his age. At the age of 20, not having much sucess in government, he quit and turned his full attention to the sciences, hoping that by devoting all of his efforts to his studies he would be taken seriously. However, he was still largely criticized and was being rejected at most jobs he replied for.