Utahraptor vs Astrodon

A pack of Intellectaraptors in a vicious ritual "Coming of age".

Not to be confused with the Portugeuse word gaiatos, plural for gaiato, meaning someone cheeky.

Gaiatos is a dimension where the asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs instead grazed the moon and lost two thirds of it's mass, and the remaining third hit North America, wiping out the native dinosaurs but leaving the rest if the world unaffected. In South America, troodontids and Utahraptors became the Xenosaurus eos and Intellectaraptor Rex, both sentient species. In North America, evolution progressed as it had on Earth, and soon the humani evolved. When North America and South America collided, the species collided. For reasons unclear, this began the Blood Wars, a series of conflicts lasting millenia. The war was forced into an end by the Ice Age, and the Panama Wall was built to prevent further skirmishes. Gaiatos is still reeling from these wars. In recent times, the peace has been increasingly shaky. In the near future, it is believed Styx will become emperor of the Intellectaraptors and conquer Terra.

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