Gates of Infinity is the planned resurrection of the Seas of Iron series, which went on indefinite hiatus due to overcomplexity and nobody being able to remember what was going on. Essentially, Diamond Island has been destroyed and Dr. H, Kahren's most favoured servant is free, not to mention Kahren's best warship, the Scythe of all Ages, has been lost. But in a bid to regain his power, Kahren captures the Monster Shard and plans to rebuild his armies and start again using the power of the Nova Shards. A desperate Father is unable to convince Kahren to give up his quest for power which is unravelling the fabric of time, and so Father uses his awesome godly powers combined with the Nova to cause the Shift, a massive upheaval in the fabric of time, which undoes much of Kahren's influence. Unfortunately, it also creates the Chaos Zone, dimensions destroyed by the event where time has no meaning. A desperate Kahren battles Father, but father flings the Nova into the Chaos Zone to prevent Kahren getting his hands on it. The Monster Shard, being a piece of the Nova, draws Kahren into the Chaos Zone as well and he is presumed dead. But he lives, otherwise this would be a crummy series. Now, a new band of heroes must track down the Dimensional Arks to enter the Chaos Zone and recover the Nova, then stop Kahren from building up an army of Glitches, holes in the fabric of reality which can't be killed.