Khazem Mordam Taalis is a soon-to-be-introduced city in the dimension Poseidos or possibly another alternate Earth. Press releases by Mattias Westby and a webisode have revealed it to be built in three parts - one built into the side and bottom of a canyon near a giant, crumbling temple, the second raised on towers overlooking the canyon and supporting massive zepellin docks, and the third suspended from balloons over the city and built onto floating rocks. The websidoe featured a short tour of the city, including the canyon floor full of slums and taverns and massive cave passages built into the sides of the canyon where orchestras can perform. The caves are briefly explored revealing cave paintings and miles of largely unexplored passages carved by ancient people. We then reach the towers and climb up the old sandstone staircases, as well as new aluminum ones. We then explore the docks and look at the interior of a gigantic zepellin, and then we climb up a ladder to the highest part of the city, one of the largest floating rocks and an area full of libraries, monasteries and other such structures. This concludes the tour. It is rumored the city will appear in Episode 6.3.