The symbol of the omega elite.

The Omega Elite is the group of main characters in Seas of Iron. It is revealed in the Season 4/5 webisode series that the main team was brought together by a mysterious agent who altered several major events in the lives of the characters, and he is revealed in Webisode 4 to be working for Omega, an organization which appears to be fighting the forces of Schozan using the Omega Elite as an elite hit team without their knowledge. The Elite is dedicated to fighting Schozan and the mysterious forces of evil. They began as the trio of Captain William "Dark Blood" Titus, Stormbeard and Dark Serpent Mason, but after Stormbeard discovered the Lightningstone and was posessed by it's powers, he joined Schozan, leaving only Dark Blood and Dark Serpent. Dark Serpent, being a werewolf, often transforms into Bloodfur, his werewolf form, and has always had shady allegiances. In Episode 5.4 Part 1, he was killed in battle with Schozan's forces in the post-robocalypse world, leaving Dark Blood as the only surviving member of the original Omega Elite. Other members have included Dark Blood's brother Captain Octopus, their reluctant ally Captain Sardine and Sardine's first mate Gribble, an ape-man from Kobogo Island. Sardine sacrificed himself to kill General Oliver Sithikus in Episode 5.2, and Gribble and Captain Octopus were trapped in Gaiatos and an unnamed insect dimension after the temporal explosion that destroyed Diamond Island in Episode 5.3. It has been revealed that Hamish Hutchison-Poyntz has plans to introduce a new member based on a Japanese ninja (see Omega Elite ninja).