Treasures from Medieval York - The Cawood Sword

The golden Solar Sword of Nalian while in knife form. The sword has been used in place of a logo as the symbol for Seas of Iron.

Seas of Iron is a famous and successful nonexistent TV series featuring the adventures of the Omega Elite as they use interdimensional portals to stop the greatest portal lord of all time, Kahren from completing his unknown evil plan. The series stars Captain William "Dark Blood" Titus and Dark Serpent Mason, and with a supporting cast of Captain Maxwell "Sardine" Fletcher, Gribble Grabble, Dr. H and Captain James "Octopus" Titus. The villains include "Stormbeard" (whose real name has not yet been determined), Dr. H, Kahren and a host of secondary villains like Razorclaw, Cama Lunaris and many more. It features several alternate universes and dimensions, including our Earth, the dinosaur world of Gaiatos, the post-zombie apocalypse world of Terra and a new post-robocalypse world which is so far unnamed. It is likely several other universes will emerge in the near future, and already Mattias Westby has announced plans for an ocean-based dimension by Season 6 or possibly Season 7.