The New Pantheon was the second society of gods in Xenosaur mythology who overthrew the Old Pantheon and slayed the evil king of the gods Gorgam Altaur. They were born from the soul jars of Liriam after her slaying by the Evening Scythe and engaged the Old Pantheon in a massive hundred year war. After the Pantheon's fall, they formed the New Pantheon and, to ensure absolute power never corrupted them again, destroyed the godly throne and formed a democratic government. The Pantheon is made up of Sirius, the god of the sky, Borghall, god of the earth and stone, Stygius, god of life, death and cycles, Noghill, god of animals, Esgaron, god of plants, Arian, god of animals and the hunt, Crawnas, god of Intelectaraptors, Lakar, god of humani, Xanthas, god of Xenosaurs, Crysmon Gom, god of war, Arianalis, god of peace, and Lakartas, the messenger and Jack-of-all-trades. As of 1724, Borghall is reigning god and has twelve years before the end of his reign.