The Old Pantheon is, in Xenosaur myth, the original thirteen gods who created Gaiatos and forged the first eight Intelectaraptors and humani out of clay. The king of the pantheon was Lordan Altaur, the creator and the lord of time. According to legend, the humani and Intelectaraptors were made as slaves and entertainment, and the pantheon was being corrupted by absolute power. When Lordan's nephew Ghordam attempted to capture his father's throne, he was slowly and painfully killed by Lordan's scythe (see also Evening Scythe). Ghordam, however, was a prophet and warned Lordan that he would one day have a son who would slay him. In response, Lordan slayed his wife Liramal and his son Kainte and confiscated the Timely Weapons, the only weapons capable of destroying gods. Liramal, however, had feared this day would come and had scattered her essence in twelve clay jars spread across Gaiatos. These became the New Pantheon. Fearing retribution, Lordan sent his assassin, Kaktos, to kill the twelve. However, Kaktos instead became their leader. In a terrible hundred year war, the godly throne of Arianas Mountain was toppled to the ground and the Great Panthen was razed, and the Timely Weapons were captured and used to slay the Elder Gods. Lordan Aultor was last to die, slaying Kaktos with the Evening Scythe before he was struck down by the Zenith Sword and killed by the Morning Star.